So why rent a corporate apartment rather than a hotel room?

Once upon a time, people travelled interstate to cities and simply booked hotel rooms when they wanted to stay a night or a few weeks. If they wanted to save some money they might have stayed in a motel or a motor inn instead. Travellers had to put up with sleeping, eating, living and working out of one small room. Now, many people stay in apartments instead of either of these. So what has changed?

Well, hotel costs went up, especially as they competed to be the biggest and the best. At the same time, many investors who bought apartments decided to rent their properties out for short-term rentals, and offer better quality properties to travellers. They are often referred to as corporate apartments because many of the guests were business people, corporate employees, or ‘corporates’.

In the end, this is where it stands today.

You can rent a very comfortable, spacious, luxurious apartment for less than the cost of a boring, small hotel room, and you can cook your own meals, do your own laundry, and relax in comfort; without hotel staff intruding on your privacy every day.

At StayCentral, you have your own home-away-from-home with:

  • Fully-equipped modern kitchen
  • Your own laundry facilities
  • A proper living area (not just space around a bed) to relax in (including internet access, DVD player, DVDs, games, books etc)
  • Separate, stylish and comfortable bedroom(s)
  • Separate bathroom nice toiletries
  • Designer interior that feels like homeSsheets & towels etc that will be replaced every week, or you can wash them in between if you prefer
  • A great location; perfectly located close to transport, everyday necessities, restaurants, bars, cafes etc

Some apartments have a swimming pool, small gymnasium and even a tennis court.

StayCentral has all of these features in some apartments, and some of them have just a selection.

You can stay for a few days, weeks or several months if you wish.

If you take a closer look at our website, you can now answer the question;

So why would you pay a whole lot more for a boring, cramped hotel room, instead of a luxurious corporate apartment?