What You Haven’t Thought to Pack for an Extended Stay

Is your company giving you the opportunity to do business in another city or country for an extended period of time?

While an extended stay is a fantastic career opportunity and can be loads of fun, without the correct preparation you can start to become lonely and miss home-comforts. StayCentral let us in on the things you haven’t thought to pack to make your extended stay feel like a home away from home.

Versatile shoes

When you’re on a longer business trip you’ll need to pack more, so when appropriate, taking clever short-cuts is key. Packing a pair of shoes which is fit for the boardroom, comfortable enough to walk around the city and sleek enough to wear to dinner is going to save you much needed luggage space.


You’ll want to take advantage of all the great features your accommodation has to offer. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool you’ll be devastated if you forget to pack your bathers. Swimming laps of the pool is a great way to make sure you’re still moving your body while you’re away, and lounging around the pool at the end of the working day is a fabulous way to unwind.

Work out attire

Just because you put your membership on hold at your local gym, doesn’t give you the excuse to stop exercising. By keeping a similar routine to the one you have at home, you’ll feel much more energised and productive. Whether you choose to use a gym at your accommodation, or prefer running around the local park, your mind and body will thank you.


Ensure you pack all chargers along with each appliance you choose to bring, otherwise, once flat, you’ll be without. You’ll want to make sure all your appliances are fully charged before any presentation or seminars to avoid looking unprofessional. If you’re worried that any of your devices will die quickly, it’s worth investing in a portable charger so you’ll always have a plan-B.

Extended toiletries

If you’re a big electric toothbrush fan you’ll want to make sure you pack it for an extended stay. While it may be fine to use a manual brush for a couple days, you’ll start to miss your electric brush on an extended stay. The same goes for any other toiletries you use on a daily basis. As humans we are great at adapting for short periods, but will naturally start to crave those home comforts that are a part of our daily routine.

Corporate apartments for extended stays

For extended stays, corporate apartments are the way to go! They have all the amenities that a hotel has, as well as all those homey essentials like a fully-equipped kitchen, separate working space, Smart TV, ironing board and a home-like feel.

With a wide range of luxurious, liveable apartments all over Melbourne, StayCentral has the perfect properties for business or leisure. Browse the range and make a booking online today, for the perfect place for a longer stay. StayCentral apartments aren’t just like homes; they are homes!