Tips for When You’re Moving for a Job and Between Homes

Lucky enough to score your dream gig in a dream city like Melbourne? First up: congrats! You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and moving to a new city for work is always an upwards step in your career.

But after you’ve left your current town and before you’re settled in your new one, there’s this strange, little in-between period where you’re not quite part of either city. Some call it purgatory, others simply call it ‘moving’ or ‘relocating’. Whatever you call this space of time, it can be tricky to navigate while you shift your whole life from one place to the other.

In this post, we consult the temporary accommodation experts at StayCentral about what to do when moving for a job and being between homes.

Make yourself comfortable as soon as possible

It’s perfectly normal: moving to a new city can be stressful. You’re ditching everything you know about your current city and are starting from scratch in a new place. That’s why, when moving for a job and being between homes, it’s important you make yourself comfortable – to minimise any extra stress that could arise.

Invest in good temporary accommodation

It’s easy for us to just tell you not to stress, but how do we actually do this? Hiring great temporary accommodation while you’re between homes is one of the best things you can do to make yourself comfortable and alleviate the pressure of moving to a new city. First impressions count, and if you get off on the wrong foot in your new city, it can affect your view of the place, your relationships at work and even your view of the job itself. Being comfortable outside of work is the best way to feel comfortable while at work.

Ask for advice

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice when moving to Melbourne for work. We Melburnians are a friendly bunch, and we’re happy to help others where we can! Asking your colleagues, bosses and friends for advice when moving here is a good way to see how others in your position best managed the move.

Avoid crashing at a mate’s place

Sure, it may be tempting to hit up your friends who live in some far-out, suburban corner of Melbourne… but if you think about it, it only adds more pressure! A poor night’s sleep on an uncomfortable couch, a cooped-up space with no room to breathe, a longer commute to your new job: these things only make life harder.

Talk to the team at StayCentral if you’re moving to Melbourne for work and need somewhere great to stay while in between homes. StayCentral offers a wide range of top notch locations, scattered across the city to make your relocation process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Clean, stylish and functional apartments await when you book in with StayCentral.