Things to Look for While Searching for a Corporate Apartment

Getting a corporate apartment while on holiday or a work trip can go one of two ways. It can be smooth sailing, by finding a place with a comfy bed, a well-stocked kitchen, an inviting living room and a great location. Or, it can be a nightmare, choosing somewhere that looked great online but turns out to be in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t even have a fridge and the couch feels like you’re sitting on big, fabric-cloaked rock.

That’s why the team at StayCentral are here to save the day. We talk to these accommodation specialists and ask what to look for while searching for a corporate apartment in Melbourne.

Location, location

You look for a great location when buying a house, right? So why wouldn’t you try to do the same when hiring one? A good, convenient location can make or break your work trip or holiday. While searching for a corporate apartment, keep in mind how close you’ll be to shops, cafes, the CBD, restaurants, public transport and the airport. Think about what’s most important to be close to, and prioritise that.


That being said, there’s little point in searching for a corporate apartment with a good location if it resembles a shoebox in the comfort department. Not being comfortable on your corporate trip is one way to shoot yourself in the foot; you’ll end up lacking sleep, becoming restless and being agitated for that important meeting or presentation. Check reviews on spaciousness and bed comfort before booking a corporate apartment – you’ll thank us later and get the best version of yourself for work.

Kitchen amenities

Checking into a corporate apartment and finding that the ‘kitchen’ is nothing but a microwave and a couple of mugs is not good at all. There aren’t many greater bang-your-head-against-the-wall moments than that. How are you supposed to have your morning coffee, make breakfast or store leftover food if the kitchen isn’t properly equipped? This is a serious thing to look for when booking a corporate apartment in Melbourne.


Cleanliness should extend not just to the floors, not just to the bedroom – but to the whole property. You’re paying good money for a corporate apartment, so it should be just as clean, if not cleaner, than your home. From the front door floor mat to the balcony, it should be clean throughout.

Finding a corporate apartment in Melbourne that checks all these boxes and more isn’t quite as hard as you’d think. Just browse the range of gorgeous corporate properties at StayCentral! With plenty of diverse locations to choose from, including Hawthorn East, Fitzroy and the CBD, StayCentral offers the best, most comfortable and most functional apartments in town. Experience Melbourne to the fullest when you book in with StayCentral.