The Benefits of Staying in a Long-Term Apartment vs a Hotel

Cramped rooms that bring on claustrophobia. People making noise outside your room late at night. Nowhere to sit and get your work done. Problems with the TV, problems with the AC, problems with the WC…

Yeah, we’ve all had a hotel experience like this one. That’s why so many professionals choose long-term apartments over hotels when they need a comfortable yet practical place to stay on work trips or extended stays.

Here, the serviced apartment experts at StayCentral explain the key benefits of staying in a long-term apartment versus a hotel when you’re in Melbourne!

Long-term apartments are more comfortable

If that description of a bad hotel experience in the first paragraph struck a chord with you, then you’ll be relieved to know that long-term apartments are much more comfortable. Long-term apartments have been set up for people to actually live in them, so that you’ve got everything you need, right at your fingertips: a fully-equipped kitchen, plenty of appliances, comfortable furniture and a place to get your work done.

It’s easy to get claustrophobic in a hotel if you’re staying there longer than a couple of days. The lack of amenities is a whole nother story; hotels include a microwave and some coffee mugs, and call it a kitchen. If you’re staying in Melbourne long-term, then a microwave on its own simply won’t do!

Wider variety of suburbs to choose from

The other great thing about long-term apartments is that they can be found all over the city. Sure, it may be practical to get a hotel in the CBD if your office is right around the corner – but what if you’re working from home most of the time, and want to be somewhere more vibrant like Fitzroy or St Kilda?

StayCentral have long-term apartment options right across Melbourne: from the heart of the CBD to inner suburbs like Fitzroy, Richmond, Kew, Moonee Ponds and beyond.

More privacy

Love your privacy? Long-term apartments are much better suited to you than hotels. Hotels are all about saying hello to reception, constantly bumping into your neighbours and awkward elevator rides.

Long-term apartments couldn’t be more different. You’re often in a much smaller building, there’s fewer people around, and you have a better chance of getting some peace and quiet during your stay.

For your next long-term stay in Melbourne, check out the range of superb corporate apartments by StayCentral. StayCentral have the right accommodation options for every type of traveller. From slick apartments in Melbourne CBD, to hip apartments in nearby suburbs like Richmond and St Kilda, StayCentral pride themselves on delivering top quality long-term accommodation across the city. Make a booking online and get ready for comfortable yet cost-effective long-term stays.