The Benefits of Choosing a Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel

Tiny rooms, thin walls, awkward stop-and-chats with neighbours – why are hotels even a thing anymore?

When you can get a service apartment for the same price as a hotel, it literally makes no sense. Serviced apartments in Melbourne are always the way to go – they’re in better locations, offer a more authentic experience and have far more amenities than hotels do.

Here, Melbourne’s finest team for serviced apartments at StayCentral outline some of the main benefits of choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel when you’re visiting Melbourne:

A more authentic experience

Most of us crave authentic experiences when we’re in a new city or country. We want to live like the locals do… and, last time we checked, most of them don’t live in hotels.

StayCentral’s serviced apartments give you a chance to experience a unique and authentic Melbourne lifestyle. Our apartment range includes converted warehouses, cosmo townhouses and luxe apartments which you won’t find anywhere else. Rather than being cramped up in a generic-looking hotel room, a stay at one of these unique homes will give you a truly Melburnian experience.

Diverse locations

In practically every city, you’ll find hotels in the exact same locations. Near the airport, in the CBD, by the beach. These locations are perfect for some stays, but not for others. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, are located all over Melbourne. From hip-happening inner-city suburbs like Fitzroy and St Kilda, to more relaxed residential spots like Fairfield and Moonee Ponds, as well as plenty of CBD locations, StayCentral offers serviced apartments in a diverse range of areas in Melbourne.

Meant for living, not just staying

Hotels give you the basics: a bed, a TV, a small bathroom and a fridge. What if you’re coming for a long stay and don’t want to live off takeaway leftovers for a period of weeks? Serviced apartments are meant for living: not just staying. Our apartments have fully-stocked kitchens, comfortable living rooms, and laundries to make you feel right at home.

More privacy

Hotels make hundreds of people share the same corridors and entrances. Privacy is pretty much non-existent until you get to your room. But with serviced apartments, you can enjoy a far more private experience, without having to greet reception or bump into neighbours.


And finally, serviced apartments (depending on the provider) are often pet-friendly, where hotels are not. StayCentral offer numerous pet-friendly apartments – just ask us to find out!

Hotels are so last-century. Serviced apartments are where it’s at! StayCentral is Melbourne’s premier group for luxurious, unique serviced apartments throughout the city. Our attention to detail and customer service is reflected in our 4.9 star rating on over 1000 reviews, doing everything we can to make your stay a memorable one. Check out our range of serviced apartments and make a booking today.