The Amenities to Look for in a Long-Stay Apartment Community

There’s no nicer home than your own. You’ve got your own comfy bed to sleep in. That favourite spot on the couch when watching TV. Your kitchen, in which you know where everything is. And, most importantly, your Netflix account with all the stuff you’ve been binging on recently.

So, when you’re on a long-term stay in Melbourne, why not stay at your own really nice place, instead of an ordinary Airbnb or hotel?

StayCentral apartments are your home away from home. They make your long-term visit to Melbourne feel like you never left your own home in the first place.

So, to get that homey, comfortable feeling, what should you be looking for in a long-stay apartment company? Here, the experts at StayCentral tell us just that.

Comfortable beds and quality bedding

Love getting at least 8 hours a night? Think of it this way: you’ll be spending around a third of your time in bed while on a long stay in Melbourne, so it’s pretty imperative that your long-stay apartment company is known for comfy beds and quality bedding.

If you’ve travelled for work quite often, you’ll know the heart-sinking feeling of testing out the mattress and discovering it’s poor quality. And cheap bedding is a whole nother story! That scratchy, rough surface of low-quality bedding makes it impossible to sleep peacefully.

StayCentral knows the value of a good bed. And a good mattress. And great bedding, for that matter. You’re guaranteed a long, peaceful slumber when you check in to a StayCentral apartment. Sweet dreams!

Fully-stocked kitchen

A tiny sink, a lack of cooking utensils, not an oven in sight… ah, yes, it’s a hotel’s definition of a kitchen. On a long-term stay in Melbourne, you simply can’t cook all your meals using a microwave. That’s why StayCentral is an apartment company that fits out their kitchens with all the right equipment and appliances to achieve your culinary potential.


Working from home a lot these days? One crucial amenity to look for in an apartment company is somewhere to get your work done. StayCentral has plenty of long-stay apartments which facilitate WFH days.


Fast WIFI is a must, whether it’s for work or play. You should never have to deal with that rainbow wheel of death when you’re on a long stay in Melbourne!

Private outdoor space

And, as a finishing touch, a private outdoor space is the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine or beer. Most StayCentral properties have these; with outdoor settings to boot! Chin chin!

StayCentral is your apartment company of choice for high quality amenities and thoughtful touches. The team at StayCentral wants you to be 100% satisfied during your stay in Melbourne, and encourage you to make the most out of your time here. Providing quality apartments and exceptional service, StayCentral guarantees your long-term stay in Melbourne will be one to remember. Browse the range of quality apartments today.