Located between Albert Park and the lower edges of the Yarra River, this area is a popular choice among ocean lovers and boating enthusiasts alike. Drink in the scenic ocean views and enjoy the lively foreshore cafes and nightspots around Bay St as the lights dance across the glistening river. Boasting an array of serviced apartments throughout Melbourne, our locations within Port Melbourne are among some of the best situated for those looking to either work or play.


The affordable serviced apartments

StayCentral was born with the simple philosophy or providing affordable short or long term accommodation which provided the same luxuries of a residential apartment. All of our locations have had vast amounts of time and money invested in them to ensure they offer guests a luxurious and comfortable living space for the duration of their stay. We even have pet friendly apartment accommodation options available in Port Melbourne and elsewhere for those who can’t bear to be apart from Mr Mittens or Sir Bark-a-lot.


Enjoy the best of both worlds with serviced apartments

If you’re unsure what this term means, essentially picture your home with the cleaning services and extra amenities of a hotel. This is the unique accommodation package we aim to offer our clients and in doing so, we are able to offer remarkably competitive prices which are much more economical than a hotel. That is why our executive apartments serve as a viable option for business people and travellers alike who require temporary living arrangements with the space and facilities to complete their associated tasks.

We are always looking for new locations to include to our listing to offer our clients an array of styles to choose between. We have accommodation available in St Kilda, Southbank, St Kilda Road, Heidelberg, Melbourne CBD, Port Melbourne, Brunswick, Albert Park, and a range of other suburbs.


Speak with us about your specific needs and allow us to make a suggestion

If you’re new to Melbourne and unsure of where you’ll enjoy staying best, allow our knowledgeable team to lend you their expertise. We will be able to offer suggestions as to the serviced apartment that suits your travel needs and can answer any questions you might have. Reach us on 040 111 9429 today.