On par with finding a last-minute baby sitter, organising a temporary minding solution for your kitty, pup, guinea pig, aardvark, or cassowary come holiday time can be a pain. Whatever pet you might have, finding a hotel or other accommodation in Melbourne which will tolerate their loveably presence can often prove a struggle. This usually leaves one with the option of begging, bribing, or blackmailing friends and family into minding your one or more pets for an unspecified amount of time. No matter how many brownie points you may have acquired over the years, such favours are bound to stretch the friendship before long, which leaves you with a costly pet minding services instead.

Many of these minding services will taunt you with rhetorical questions like: “What are you going to do, take your pet with you on holiday? Ha ha, impossible.” Well, why don’t you? Our pet friendly serviced apartments in inner Melbourne offer travelling business professionals and holiday goers alike, with the flexibility to take their best friend with them regardless of how long their stay is.


Mr Mittens can enjoy room service too with our serviced apartments

Finding a pet friendly hotel in Melbourne is next to impossible, especially considering potential ‘accidents’ and the lack of lawn space available. This is where our serviced apartments allow pet owners the freedom of travelling for work or pleasure, without floundering and trying to find a pet sitter at the last minute. Avoid the hassle and extra cost and take your furry companion with you so they can have a holiday too! Speak with us today to learn which locations are pro pet: we offer accommodation in St Kilda, Southbank, St Kilda Road, Melbourne CBD, Port Melbourne, Brunswick and Albert Park.


Why pet friendly serviced apartments beat your traditional hotel

Our executive apartments were originally aiming to cater for travelling business professionals, but now we have made them available to anybody seeking luxurious temporary accommodation. If you want to find out more about our accommodation which is friendly to pets and is centrally located in Melbourne, contact us today on 040 111 9429 to make a booking. Otherwise you can leave us a message on bookings@staycentral.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Pet stay fees apply.