Better returns on your existing investment property

Do you live interstate or overseas, and have an inner Melbourne apartment or property that you want to rent out all year round, or stay in for only a few weeks or so each year?

How can you do this, and achieve a good return on your investment? Have you thought about renting out your property in between your stays, but real estate agents can’t help you? Do you want a better return on your inner-Melbourne apartment?

Why wouldn’t you do something that:

  • gives you a better return on your investment (than you can achieve with long-term leases),
  • allows you to use the property yourself when you want to,
  • allows your property to be inspected frequently, to avoid major damage occurring (instead of perhaps six-monthly, as occurs with many long-term rentals), and
  • places your investment property in the hands of managers who are experienced in this specialised market (instead of with those who are only used to long-term leases)
  • never suffers rental loss from tenants not paying their rent
  • has 20-30% less wear and tear on your property than long-term rentals?

Let StayCentral manage your property so you can let the experts look after it for you. Don’t take our word for it. Many of these clients are still with us after many years:

Kerrie McKenna, Beechworth, VIC, October, 2022

We’ve been very fortunate to have Chris and the Team at Stay Central manage our property for short and longer term stays over the past few years. The transition to have the property managed was seamless. Chris is most responsive to any questions we may have had, and had any tenant concerns addressed immediately. Maintenance matters were also managed with a sense of urgency to minimise potential tenant impact. The team works very hard to maintain a high occupancy rate and apart from the impact of COVID, this was achieved.

J & A Boffa, Sydney, NSW, September, 2022

Chris McDonald, Managing Director and owner of Stay Central has managed our Property in Kew for the past four years.

The 3 level Townhouse style home has its own street entry into a north facing front garden leading into the entry level of the home, consisting of separate lounge, powder room then open plan kitchen, dining, lounge. Upstairs has 3 double bedrooms – all with built-ins, main bathroom and ensuite.  The lower level provides entry into the internal double garage, fully equipped; laundry and large media room, home office and storage, housing all additional equipment a household would need.

The property has reverse air-conditioning/heating, smoke alarms and Cbus fitted throughout, Registered Key system, unlimited Wi-Fi, Netflix, all Linen, towels basic toiletry needs are also supplied along with Cleaners. The property is fully furnished throughout and equipped with all one would need in a home.

It is necessary to point out all these inclusions to the property as Chris manages it all.  Chris has directed us on all areas that “guests” would expect under his management and in return, he has secured excellent rates based on short to long term stays.  No stay was under one week.

He manages and knows the style of “guest” suitable to the property and at no time have we had damage or problems fundamentally over the years. As we live interstate, we have always appreciated his management style and the relationship we have built with him over the years.  When Chris commenced managing our property, he did not have any properties in the Kew area.  He successfully built steady bookings to the point the property is now close to fully booked for most of the year.

We are very happy to recommend Chris McDonald from Stay Central to any property owner that may wish to have their property managed in the same way.  Our only reason to cease our arrangement is because we are moving back to stay.

Again, we have no hesitation in recommending Chris and his services.

Irene Giavas, Fairfield, Vic, August, 2022

18 months ago I was in a quandary as to whether to pursue the familiar landlord /tenant arrangement or to try to offer my 4 bedroom home as a short term rental property.

The risk at the time was huge due to the uncertainty and the volatility of the market, covid restrictions, border closures and the lack of international visitors. Chris was confident that the house would attract enough attention to make it financially viable and generate a better income than the traditional long term lease arrangements. His 20+ years’ experience in a market that offered high end, short term rental accommodation was invaluable. He was able to direct me in selecting and providing enough of the comforts of a home without compromising on quality that would generally appeal to most guests.

Throughout our 18 month arrangement he has often checked in to ensure that guests are well catered for and that I have everything covered to offer a great experience. Chris is a perfectionist, he ensures that inspections are carried out regularly to ensure maintenance is addressed and the properties are clean and well presented at all times. He insists on the property being represented in an honest and truthful manner, both through description and photographs. He manages guest expectations in a respectful way, we have worked well together to ensure that there is a high level of customer satisfaction.

I have been so delighted with the results, seldom is the property vacant and to date I have had a few repeat guests. What has also surprised me is the condition my home is left in at the conclusion of a stay, always clean and tidy.

I have been so pleased with these results, that this year I have invested in a townhouse in Coburg together with my daughter with the intention to have Chris competently manage it.

Petra Warwick, Mudgeeraba, Qld, April, 2022

After contacting Chris as a prospective guest at one of StayCentral’s properties, I had no hesitation in later contacting him when I needed a manager for my own apartment.  I wanted an arrangement with flexibility so I could use my apartment periodically for family visits to Melbourne, while maximising the rental to well vetted guests during the majority of weeks it would have remained empty.  StayCentral provides this flexibility and so much more.  

Chris is meticulous in his planning and set up of the apartment for rental and proactive in ongoing management to ensure high occupancy.  Attention to detail and customer service to both property owners and guests is outstanding, and I feel that working with Chris to maintain and rent out my apartment is truly a team effort with the best interests of all parties considered to a high standard.  I thoroughly recommend Chris and his team to manage your property.

Luisa Fioravanti, Lathlain, WA, December, 2020

Hi Chris,
I must say and probably don’t say it enough, you’re one of the most professional property managers I’ve dealt with in all my years of business.
Max is very helpful and also professional.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Kind Regards

Julie Shadforth, Essendon, Victoria, October, 2020

We were looking for a corporate short stay rental business that included Essendon. After contacting a few businesses with no success we found Stay Central – who were very helpful and had recently included Essendon in there short stay boundaries.

We were given great advice from Chris at StayCentral to help us prepare our home to get it ready for short stay rentals. StayCentral arranged a photographer who took great photos for the StayCentral website.   

We immediately had interest and subsequently our property was booked for short stay guests.  We were very happy with the cleaning and care of our property and felt it was a win win opportunity.

Brendan O’Neill, North Melbourne, Victoria, September, 2020

As a recent entrant to the short stay market, we were mindful about the pitfalls  and whether we could get the returns to offset the setup costs. 

After researching the management services available we settled on Stay Central and were immediately impressed with expertise, advice and especially the immediate occupancy we achieved.  
We were doubly glad just weeks later when the Covid19 pandemic hit and we were able to successfully navigate the lockdowns and the inevitable market downturn through Stay Central’s innovative marketing strategy together with their extensive list of regular contacts.
If you are a property investor looking for better than average returns we highly recommend Chris and the team at Stay Central.

Robert Tracey, Parkdale, Victoria, September, 2020

To Chris and all at Staycentral,

I want to thank you and all the team for somehow managing to maintain an income for me from my Port Melbourne apartment.

I had grown used to excellent results over the past three years but when the extreme pandemic lockdowns were announced in Melbourne I felt I had to accept nothing for a least three months. Somehow though, you have managed to surprise me yet again this month as in previous months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I have lost income from other sources but yours has proven to be the most reliable of all.

Jan and David Brunt, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. September, 2020

Chris McDonald and the team at StayCentral Melbourne have managed our 2 bed apartment at Northcote Hill for 3.5 years. We bought the property ‘off the plan’ some years before with a view to also using it briefly on our periodic visits to Melbourne to see family. We sought a property manager who would maximise our returns but still have a renting arrangement that gave us flexibility to use, as required. This type of short term rental arrangement is common in Queensland, where we live, but was difficult to find in Melbourne. We found it in Staycentral.
Chris was very helpful providing contacts to finish off the apartment, buying furniture and fittings and helped us undertake this at a very economical cost. Subsequently, Chris has proved adept at finding and vetting clients that have booked the apartment for most of the time and have looked after it when they were staying there. The quality of tenants is important for owners. At first we were also concerned that Staycentral would have difficulty in finding tenants in Northcote which is some 5 or 6 km from the CBD, but our fears were unfounded.
The property occupancy rate has averaged over 80%, the place is always clean and tidy when we visit and, if issues arise as they do from time to time, Chris and the team are very helpful in resolving them promptly. During the COVID 19 shutdowns in 2020 we have been fortunate to have a longer staying tenant for most of this time. This would not have been possible without the expertise, friendly manner and professionalism of Staycentral. 
We heartily recommend them.

George Musngi, Melbourne VIC, August, 2020

StayCentral has managed my Melbourne city based apartment for four years and to date have consistently proven their professional knowledge and experience in the industry.
Ownership statements and monies are always on time, property reports and maintenance are handled efficiently and communications are first rate.
Chris and StayCentral has always taken the initiative to put their client’s interests first, such as complimentary reducing management fees when the rental market is slow. More recently with the global pandemic, Chris has gone above and beyond to secure tenancy and achieved exceptional results. 
This solid partnership is why I would confidently recommend Chris and StayCentral to any person or business seeking management agents or just looking for a hassle free rental experience.
Thank you very much!

Maria Wikstrom, Melbourne, VIC, February, 2019

I highly recommend StayCentral for anyone needing someone to manage their investment property. I was previously renting out my apartment myself on AirBnB achieving about 72% occupancy rate. Since StayCentral took over they have achieved almost 100% resulting in a 18% net increase in income and less hassle for me. I learnt about StayCentral by staying in one of their apartments for a few months so I know first hand that they provide good service to the guests.

Bryce & Sally Strachan, Mt Gambier, SA, December, 2018

We have rented our apartment through Chris and the team at StayCentral for more than four years now.  StayCentral has been able to consistently achieve excellent returns for us over this time.  More importantly the StayCentral team have made sure our apartment has been kept in excellent condition for the use of guests and ourselves.  Knowing our investment is in safe hands when we live interstate is very reassuring.  Chris makes himself available when required and communication has been open and of a high standard between ourselves and StayCentral.  We would highly recommend StayCentral to manage your property.

Dan Liu, Hong Kong, November, 2017

On a very brief visit to Melbourne in 2016, I picked StayCentral to manage my CBD apartment as a short-stay property, simply because they appeared on top of my internet search results. Chris was extremely helpful in setting my apartment up after I returned to Hong Kong, and I have since been earning well in excess of anything I could have earned with a long-term tenant in it. StayCentral even manages all my utilities, rates and OC fees etc for me at no extra cost. I never need to lift a finger with this investment property. I’m so pleased I found StayCentral as they are so easy to find and work with.

Jeff and Lexie. Port Melbourne, Victoria, January, 2017

We would like to recommend Chris McDonald and his team at StayCentral as property managers for anyone considering short stay renting their home or apartment. We had a B&B business for many years, and know this industry very well, so we we very well-informed and fussy about who we wanted to manage our property.

StayCentral quickly achieved a 90% occupancy rate for us and they are a very professional team in every aspect.

Terry Kennedy, East Melbourne, Victoria, November, 2016

I have been a client of StayCentral Serviced Apartments for 2 years and have been very impressed with their level of professional service and management of my property.

The company is very experienced in the short-stay market, and have achieved a high occupancy rate together with excellent room rates. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Luisa Fioravanti, Lathlain, WA, December, 2014

Chris McDonald is an exceptional apartment manager. He deals with guests in a professional and poised manner. If and when problems arise, he is quick to sort them out and does so in a convenient and timely fashion.

The apartment in Melbourne looks outstanding due to Chris’ management and classy ideas on how it should be dressed. He is attentive when it comes to the needs of guests and deals with feedback in the best way possible.

I have full confidence in accepting any and all advice Chris and his team give me. The proof is in the appearance of the refurbished apartment, the returns that they are achieving for me, and the fact that I have just listed my second apartment with the StayCentral group.

I can certainly recommend Stay Central.  

Bryce & Sally Strachan, Mt Gambier, SA, November 2014

 We sought the expertise of Chris at StayCentral after two failed attempts with other agencies. We were initially impressed with Chris’s enthusiasm, commitment to our property and helpful advice in setting up our apartment. We were also impressed with the positive feedback left by guests about the StayCentral experience on Trip Advisor.

Chris was able to take reservations for our apartment immediately. Our apartment was fully booked well in advance within the first few months! We highly recommend StayCentral’s policies for both guests and property owners and have found the lines of communication between us and the StayCentral team to be friendly and accessible. We appreciate that our property is being maintained to a high standard by the StayCentral team.

We would have no hesitation in recommending StayCentral to manage your property for short-term-stays.    

Joyce Lindsay, Mandurah, WA, March, 2012.  

After some research and enquiry, I contacted StayCentral to

  1. A) Stay at one of their apartments and experience their professionalism, and
  2. B) have the chance to ask their advice on buying an investment apartment.

I found the owner, Chris, to be very obliging and forthcoming with his very helpful advice. Since I made a purchase, Chris has always been there to offer his advice during the re-furnishing and decorating. I also found Chris extremely good with the management of my new apartment.

Paul Houlihan, Balmain, NSW, February, 2012. 

We tried to manage our short stay apartment using a manager and some well known accommodation sites, buthad dismal results. When we switched across to StayCentral and they assisted us to integrate with their Group, our income from this unit increased by around 80%.

We appreciate that sounds too good to be true, but that is what has happened for us.

Call StayCentral today on 040 111 9429 or email us here for more information