How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Long-Stay Apartment Experience

Technology has made some pretty crazy leaps and bounds in the past 5 years, let alone the past 20. Some of it is on the frivolous side, like the app ‘Zips’. It’s just a bunch of different digitised clothing zips that you can zip up, and unzip. That’s literally it. But other tech advancements have been life-changing – from navigation apps, to voice assistant technology, to AI and more.

So, how can you use tech to your advantage when on a long-stay apartment experience in Melbourne? Keep reading to find out!

Invest in an assistant

Nope, we’re not telling you to go out and hire someone to follow you around and do everything you say at the snap of your fingers. That would burn a hole in your pocket pretty quickly.

Instead, go for a voice assistant! These nifty, inexpensive gadgets can make home life so much easier during your long-stay apartment experience. Let’s say you want to add milk to your shopping list. Simply tell your voice assistant to do it. Play your favourite song on the portable speaker? Tell your voice assistant to do it. Add The Handmaid’s Tale to your list of TV shows to watch? Yep – your voice assistant can do it all.

Make the most of home apps

There is a tonne of interesting, handy apps which can help out with jobs around the house, enhancing your long-stay apartment experience in Melbourne. Need to measure something but don’t have a measuring tape? Easy – just use a measuring app on your phone! Need to squeeze in some yoga but can’t make it to the class on a busy schedule? Yoga apps get the blood flowing nicely. Enhance your experience in your long-stay apartment by checking out the range of awesome, free apps out there.

Explore Melbourne by using maps

Gone are the days when you’d have to whip out the big, bulky street directory just to find your way around the city. And even then, you may have had to awkwardly ask a few people for directions along the way.

Nowadays, navigating a new city couldn’t be easier, thanks to map apps and transit apps. Not only do they make navigating Melbourne a whole lot easier, but they’re personal planners, too. Your favourite navigation app most likely has a function for saving places you want to visit. Save museums, galleries, cafes, restaurants and landmarks in your map app, and see all of Melbourne, your way.

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