How To Plan Your Trip To Melbourne

Planning a two-month trip overseas requires a lot of careful planning, patience and research. You might think that a trip to Melbourne requires none of that… after all, Melbourne is ‘just around the corner’, right?

But if you’re planning on staying here for a while, like on a corporate trip for example, you’d better think twice!

Melbourne is a massive city, and staying here for something as important as a work trip should be meticulously planned.

That’s why the Melbourne experts at StayCentral have outlined this guide on how to plan your trip to Melbourne, making life easy for you!

Choose the right location

Like we just said – Melbourne is huge. From Doreen to Frankston, there are 321 distinct suburbs in Melbourne. It’s clear that you want to be as close to your workplace as possible, while also enjoying a neighbourhood that offers convenience and lifestyle.

The most popular suburbs for long-stay trips to Melbourne include the CBD, Southbank, Fitzroy, Brunswick and other inner-city suburbs. We discuss in detail the best suburbs for staying in Melbourne here.

Ensure your accommodation is fully serviced

When you’re in Melbourne for a corporate trip or because you need temporary accommodation, you want to feel like you’re living in the city: not just staying in it. That’s where fully serviced apartments are the ideal type of accommodation for stays of one week or more. For a start, you can enjoy separate living areas with a comfortable lounge room and bedrooms, rather than being cramped up in one tiny hotel space!

A fully-stocked kitchen and functional laundry, however, are possibly the two most important factors when choosing serviced accommodation. With these amenities, you can make nutritious meals with ease and do a load of washing whenever you need.

Know how you’re getting around

Melbourne has a range of options for getting around. Our public transport system can be excellent – but that depends on your location. If you’re close to a tram or train line, getting around is easy. If you’re not, it can be slow and difficult, heavily impacting your commute time.

The great thing about StayCentral is that we’ve already thought of this for you. All of our locations are in excellent positions for public transport, being a short walk to a tram or train line.

Parking or no parking?

If you’ve got a car during your trip to Melbourne, public transport might be less of a worry… parking, however, then becomes the issue. Make sure your accommodation has parking if this is the case. Many of our listings at StayCentral have free, off-street parking included.

Plan your trip to Melbourne with confidence when you book with the team at StayCentral. Our comfortable, inner-city apartments and townhouses are designed to make your experience in Melbourne a convenient, easy and enjoyable one. Browse our listings in Melbourne’s best suburbs and make a booking today.