How to Make Your Short-Term Stay Feel Like Home: Tips and Tricks

Find yourself missing the convenience of home, even on short-term trips? We totally get you. While we want to explore new places, we also want the feeling of being at home wherever we are – it’s just the paradox of travel.

That’s what we’re going to help you with today. StayCentral is Melbourne’s best team for quality serviced apartments, and our luxurious stays are designed to make you feel at home – even if you’re staying for under a week.

Here’s what you can do to make your short-term stay feel like home, and why StayCentral is your home away from home in Melbourne:

Bring your pet

There’s nothing more stressful than having to part ways with your sweet pooch when you’re heading interstate. Asking a million different friends to pet-sit for you, hiring an expensive dog-walker for the week. And don’t even get us started on the look in your pup’s eyes when they see the suitcase come out… heartbreaking!

Simple solution for this one: bring your pet along for the ride! The majority of StayCentral’s listings are pet-friendly, creating a home not just for you but for your fur baby, too.

Pack a portable speaker

Music can make us feel at home, no matter where we are. In 2006, when two miners were stuck 900m underground after a mine had collapsed in Beaconsfield, Tasmania, one of their first requests after establishing contact with rescuers was an iPod. Powerful statement, right?

Packing your portable speaker to get the tunes going while you’re lounging around, getting ready for a night out or cooking dinner is a simple way to make yourself feel at home during your short stay in Melbourne.

Cook your favourite meal

While going out for dinner is a great way to experience Melbourne’s incredible food scene, why not eat in one night? Your serviced apartment by StayCentral has a fully-stocked kitchen with all the amenities you need to cook up a storm. Store your leftovers in the fridge and enjoy a tasty, nutritious lunch the next day – just like you would at home.

Hang your clothes up

Never feel quite at home when you’re on a short-term stay? It’s probably because you’re one of those operators who leaves their clothes in their suitcase!

Make the most of the space in your new home for the next few days. Hang up your clothes in the wardrobe, or fling them on the couch – our house is your house.

Visit a café every day

Become a temporary local at café around the corner – Melbourne has dozens of them. Get to know the staff, master your coffee order and become a true Melburnian coffee snob.

StayCentral has Melbourne’s finest serviced apartments which instantly make you feel at home on your short stay. Browse our range of unique and stylish apartments in areas like the CBD, Southbank, St Kilda and Fitzroy and make a booking today.