What is a corporate apartment?

Some of our guests have been confused initially by the term ‘Corporate Apartment’. Some think a corporate apartment is an apartment that has been converted or designed for office use. Others think it may be for people to live in, but have an office incorporated in the apartment.

Happily, the reality is much simpler and nicer than that.

A ‘corporate apartment’ is simply a normal residential apartment that has a high standard of interior design, which used to be marketed to people in the corporate (or business) world. Because business people often stay for longer periods than the average traveller, or return more frequently, they were highly desirable guests.

So, in order to attract them, very nice apartments are bought in great locations, and an enormous amount of time, effort and money is invested into creating a very comfortable place to stay.

The bonus is that anyone can now stay in these apartments. You don’t have to be a business person, or a ‘corporate’.

Guests include not only corporate employees and contractors, but also holiday-makers including couples and families, couples on romantic long weekends, parents visiting adult children, people having their house renovated or repaired, visiting from interstate or overseas, relocating to another city or country, attending exhibitions, sporting events, theatre, lifestyle or artistic events. The list is endless.

Many of these ‘corporate apartments’ are designed for short-stays for all the above purposes. Often they are set up for servicing on a regular basis, so you don’t need to spend much time doing regular cleans. This is why they are often also referred to as ‘serviced apartments’. So don’t think that you can’t stay in a ‘corporate apartment’ because you are not from the ‘corporate’ world.

Just decide where you would like to stay, pick a nice, ‘corporate apartment’ or ‘serviced apartment’ that you like the look of, and book it. It’s that simple.