Balancing Work and Leisure: Creating a Productive Routine in Your Melbourne Long Stay Apartment

Balancing work and leisure has never been easier. The working from home revolution has given us many great advantages, like waking up 10 minutes before work starts, being able to save money on making lunch rather than eating out, and being able to conduct a whole day’s work in your pyjamas.

But it’s also given us a chance to get out and explore while working. Whether you’re travelling to Melbourne for work, or simply coming here to work remotely, here’s what you need to do to maintain a productive routine in a city that offers the absolute best in leisure!

Booking a long-stay apartment in a great location

If you’re travelling for work or working on the go, then there’s no better way to stay productive than to choose a long stay apartment in Melbourne. Long stay apartments aren’t just more comfortable and better value than cramped Airbnbs or stuffy hotels – they’re more conducive to a productive work environment, too.

Proper office desks and chairs, plenty of breathing space, fully-stocked kitchens – all of these home-like elements allow you to stay focussed and on-the-ball while working!

The routine

Humans are paradoxical creatures. We can’t stand monotonous routines, yet we thrive in routines when they’re slightly varied and challenging. So, here’s a rough routine to follow when you’re trying to get work done but also explore and enjoy Melbourne:

  • Wake up early for coffee

    If there’s one thing Melbourne is known for worldwide, it’s our coffee. Wake up early to find your favourite café and get that caffeine hit before you start work. Maybe a run in Fitzroy Gardens or a cheeky gym sesh at your long stay apartment is also a part of that routine – up to you!

  • Morning: work

    Get some work done in your spacious long stay apartment, while Melbourne waits to be explored.

  • Lunch

    Eating out for lunch in Australia’s food and drink capital? Or making lunch at home in your fully-stocked kitchen? Long stay apartments in Melbourne give you the option of both!

  • Afternoon: more work

    Finish off work and get ready to explore the city.

  • Relax

    Enjoy the rest of your night by exploring the city. Walk the streets, stop in at a cocktail bar, visit a museum or gallery, catch a game at the MCG, or do something totally different.

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