Must-See Landmarks

Discover Melbourne's top attractions, offering a mix of historical landmarks, cultural sites, natural beauty, and family-friendly destinations. Explore the best of what Melbourne has to offer for tourists and visitors.

Must-See LandMarks

Federation Square

Since its opening in 2002, Federation Square has become one of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks. Its a meeting place for all Melburnians in the centre of our city and home to some of Victoria’s leading cultural institutions,It plays centre stage for outdoor entertainment and screenings of major events. Its a gathering place right by the river with connecting walks to Birrarung Marr.

Flinders Street Station

Is there anything more iconic than Flinders Street Station? Stand beneath the clocks of Melbourne's iconic railway station and post that selfie, as tourists and Melburnians have done for generations.

Royal Botanic Gardens

For Melbournians "The Tan" is the garden of the city. With its beautiful views, tranquil lakes and historic and diverse plant collections, the Gardens are a meeting place and a place of reflection. There is  an  Aboriginal Heritage Walk, a Free Guided Walk, a ride on The Explorer electric bus or Punting on the Ornamental Lake, all set against the backdrop of the city.

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

“The G" as it's known, is an institution both in Australia and worldwide. It's the largest cricket pitch in the Southern Hemisphere, and was the site of the 1956 Olympic Games.  Its Melbournes home to cricket in summer but it is equally vibrant in winter as the home of the Melbourne Football Club, hosting AFL (Aussie Rules) matches every weekend and then on the last Saturday in September, don't bother queuing for a ticket to the Grand Final as they are as rare as hens teeth!

Visitor Tips

  • Opening Hours: Check individual attraction websites for the most up-to-date information on opening hours.
  • Tickets: Purchase tickets online in advance to avoid queues.
  • Accessibility: Most attractions are wheelchair accessible; specific information is available on their websites.
  • Public Transport: Many attractions are easily accessible via Melbourne's public transport network. Use trams, buses, and trains for convenient travel.
  • Weather: Melbourne's weather can be unpredictable; it's advisable to check the forecast and dress accordingly.