5 Tips For Making Business Travel Easier And More Efficient

Business trips are meant to be easy and breezy. Your accommodation is close to work, close enough to the airport and in the vicinity of shops and restaurants.

But if you’re always finding that something could go smoother or be more efficient, then you’ve got to make some changes. Here, the business trip gurus at StayCentral tell us their top 5 tips for making business travel easier!

1. Stay in a top location

Location, location: we’ve heard it all 100 times before. Finding the ideal location for your business trip may not be as straight-forward as it seems. Sure, the CBD might seem like the most practical option – but what if your business meetings are in St Kilda or Collingwood? There’s no blanket-rule when finding the most convenient location for a business trip in Melbourne. You’ve got to assess all factors, including proximity to the airport, and choose somewhere based on them.

2. Predetermine your transport

All of your transport should be predetermined. Is your company sorting you out with travel allowance for rideshares or taxis? Are you taking public transport? Or are you simply going by foot, because everything is so close? Getting stuck with transport is one thing that can make or break a business trip, so be sure you’ve got it all worked out before you touch down on Tullamarine’s tarmac.

3. Use the airport lounges

If you haven’t jumped on this one yet, it’s some of the most solid advice we can give you: airport lounges. It doesn’t take too long to set up a frequent flyers account with your airline of choice. And if you’re going to be travelling a fair bit for work, you may as well make the most of it. Comfier seating, a quieter place to work or relax and even shower facilities are the perks you get from airport lounges.

4. Carry-on only

How long is the duration of your business travel? Are you really going to need those three extra jumpers and four pairs of shoes? You’re likely only going to need three or four different outfits for a 3-day trip, and maybe a few more for a week-long trip. The point is, carry-on baggage is just fine for most business trips!

5. Find somewhere liveable

Everyone knows what the deal is when you check into a hotel: barely any cutlery, no cooking utensils, no private laundry facilities and no oven. If you’re on longer business travel trips and are planning to cook meals at home, you’re going to need somewhere you can actually live, rather than just sleep.

StayCentral has the right accommodation options for any business traveller. From slick condos in Melbourne CBD, to hip apartments in nearby suburbs like Fitzroy and St Kilda, and gorgeous homes in places like Richmond and Rosanna, StayCentral prides itself on delivering top quality business accommodation across the city. Make a booking online and get ready for more efficient business travel.