5 Benefits Of Staying In Serviced Apartments In Melbourne CBD 2022

Getting pumped for a concert by one of your fav artists? What about a major sporting event? Shopping trip with the girls? Or maybe you just want to experience one of the best cities in the world and all it has to offer? Whatever your reason for coming to Melbourne, we will always welcome you as a guest in our beautiful city!

Serviced apartments are the only way to go if you’re heading to Melbourne and want to stay in the CBD. They’re affordable, convenient and give you the authentic Melbourne experience. Here’s why serviced apartments are your best option when coming to Melbourne in 2022.

1) The CBD is where it’s all happening

If you’re coming on a trip to Melbourne, the CBD is where you want to be. For a start, it’s where all the action happens! Retail outlets, boutique restaurants, concerts, sports events and more – it’s all happening in the CBD. The Rod Laver Arena is just a short walk or tram ride from the CBD and hosts myriad concerts and sports events all year round. Head to the DFOs for a shopping spree and get there within minutes from your serviced apartment in the CBD.

2) 2022 is Melbourne’s year

The last couple of years have been marred with lockdowns, restrictions and all of those other nasty words that probably send a shiver down your spine, just by hearing them. This year, however, things are totally different. Melbourne CBD has well and truly come out of hibernation and is absolutely pumping. Events, festivals, art exhibitions and, of course, the AFL Grand Final are all returning to the city this year.

3) You get the full Melbourne experience when you stay in a serviced apartment

Staying in a hotel is a bit of a yawn, and it’s certainly not very ‘Melbourne’ of you to choose a hotel while you’re here. All hotels are more or less the same; there’s not much distinction between a hotel in Melbourne and a hotel in the Gold Coast, for example. Staying in a serviced apartment lets you live the true Melbourne lifestyle, even if it’s only for a few days.

4) It’s affordable

Serviced apartments can work out incredibly affordable – especially if you’re travelling here with a partner, friends or family. You get a real, furnished apartment for less than a hotel and reap the benefits of more privacy and more space.

5) StayCentral have got you covered

Whether you’re here on business or pleasure, the team at StayCentral has the right serviced apartment in Melbourne CBD for you. Check out their range of CBD apartment listings here and book now to avoid disappointment. You’ll find what you’re looking for when you choose to StayCentral!