3 Reasons to Choose an Executive apartment for your next Business Trip

If you’ve ever been on a business trip and felt as though you weren’t quite as upbeat or chirpy as usual, don’t feel bad.

It had nothing to do with you. Actually, it was most likely your environment, and the lack of comfort and amenities provided where you were staying.

This is a problem business people have faced for a long time – but that’s where executive apartments are a serious gamechanger.

In this post, we let the team at StayCentral explain why executive apartments are the only choice for your next business trip in Melbourne!

What is an executive apartment?

We’re glad you asked. An executive apartment is a cut above regular apartments, basically-furnished and cheap Airbnbs and hotel rooms. They’re fully furnished, have extra amenities and feel just like a normal home – because they are. Executive apartments are all about going the extra mile, adding those finishing touches and offering supreme comfort while you’re on your next business trip.

1) You’ll be able to perform better

Your job is a racetrack, and you’re a Ferrari. And even the best race-cars need servicing and tuning up before the big race. In your case, the tune-up involves being comfortable at home, being able to enjoy a balanced meal, getting a good night’s sleep, and (of course), coffee in the morning.

Choosing an executive apartment for your next business trip guarantees these things are accomplished, so that you’re fresh and ready for your business meetings each day. Sleep well in a comfortable bed, eat well with a fully-stocked kitchen, enjoy great coffee in the morning. Simple!

2) You’ll be in a prime spot

What makes an executive apartment fantastic isn’t always about what’s inside: its location is equally important when you’re on a business trip or living somewhere temporarily. Getting to your business meetings on time is imperative, and it’s going to be a struggle if your apartment is in the middle of Woop Woop!

StayCentral executive apartments are perfect for corporate trips. Why? Because they’re located all over Melbourne, from the CBD to inner-city ‘burbs of Fitzroy and Coburg and beyond. We can guarantee you that your StayCentral executive apartment is only a short walk or tram-ride away from your business meetings.

3) You’ll feel comfortable and, therefore, confident

Confidence is key when going into important business meetings. And sometimes, confidence comes from simple things, like having an ironed shirt, a balanced breakfast, a good coffee. In a way, your business meeting or your relocation stay day starts from the moment you wake up, and executive apartments allow you to do this confidently!

StayCentral is your home for quality, modern apartments for long and short-term stays in Melbourne. Corporate trips, conferences and business meetings are always a success when you’ve got an executive apartment from StayCentral to return to at night. Whatever your reason for heading to our beautiful city, let StayCentral make you comfortable during your stay in Melbourne. Browse the range of stunning apartments and make a booking today.