10 Ways to Experience Melbourne Like a Local

Melbourne is a city that’s all about lifestyle so, if you’re in Melbourne for an extended work trip, it makes sense that you want to experience the city like a local. Not only does this make your trip more enjoyable, but it helps to add routine to your week, which in turn helps you perform better at work.

Here, the local experts at StayCentral outline 10 ways to experience Melbourne like a local when you’re here for an extended stay:

Stay somewhere central

Living the iconic Melbourne lifestyle is difficult if you’re staying in an outer suburb that’s far from the CBD and is poorly connected to public transport. That’s why we suggest choosing accommodation in the CBD, or an inner-city suburb. We discuss the best parts of Melbourne here.

Find your coffee shop

Internationally famous for coffee, you’re not a true Melbourne local until you’ve found your favourite coffee shop. We Melburnians take pride in our coffee culture, and we love our local coffee shop as much as our footy team.

Stroll the laneways

Once you’ve grabbed coffee, stroll through the laneways on your way to work and admire Melbourne’s street art. There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than with a strong coffee and some amazing visual stimulus.

Weekly shop at Queen Victoria Markets

Do your weekly shop at the Queen Victoria Markets for the freshest organic veggies, meats and seafood. The jam donuts are also a must-try.

Have a laugh

Melbourne’s comedy scene is arguably the best in Australia, with comedy clubs all over the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Catch a show after work and wind down with a few laughs.

To the rooftop!

Rooftop bars are a must-visit when in Melbourne. They’re the best way to see the city from above while enjoying a refreshing drink. Check out Bombabar and Rooftop at QT in particular.

Walk in the park

In the urban jungle of Melbourne CBD, locals flock to nearby parks on sunny days for a hit of fresh air and vitamin D. Flagstaff Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens are two of the best.

Get into an exercise routine

Gyms, yoga, run clubs – part of living like a local in Melbourne is finding an exercise routine that makes you feel alive.

Hit the DFO

Hit the sprawling DFO complex for great deals on your favourite brands.

Catch a footy game

We Melburnians are footy fantastic, and expect you to become one, too! Even if sport isn’t your thing, visiting the MCG is a thrilling experience in itself.

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